Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hydro One herbicide update

Hello everybody,

I had two short e-mails from Peter Tabuns, NDP MPP. He handles the environment portfolio for the Ontario NDP.

This is the second of his e-mails:


I met with them along [Hydro One people] with some of my constituents. They committed to better posting and review of options the next time they clear brush in
my riding. They would not commit to ending the use of herbicides.


The way to interpret the e-mail is that Minister Tabuns took time to speak with people in his riding, and they all took time to visit Hydro One officials. To me, this is incredible work on his part and I think it's terrific.

On the part of Hydro One ... it means that there will be an application of herbicide during February. My letter didn't change that at all. But I really didn't expect there would be no spraying. Sometimes all a person can do is nip at heels. Hydro One staff have had to do some work from this. They know they've been noticed.

Just so you know what happened.

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