Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to Organise a Regional Gathering, by Transition Scotland

Hello everyone,

I just ran across a wonderful resource on the Transition Culture website. Some wonderful people with Transition Scotland have put together a 'How to Organise a Regional Gathering' handbook, with recipes. I just want this post to be my public thank you ... and I'm going to get on with letting people know about this handy start to organising.

best regards, Why's Woman

Dear Transition Scotland Volunteers,

Please pass along my thanks to the people who took the time - oh! the amount of time it must have taken! - to write and edit and lay out and put on the web the document 'How to Organise a Regional Gathering'. I've often participated in small ways in organising events and none of us has ever had the good sense to leave a set of notes behind for the next people to come along. ... This is a wonderful, generous gift you've given many people. And did I mention the wonderful recipes!? Thanks for those too. What a brilliant idea to have included them.

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