Saturday, January 8, 2011

Proud to have a troll

Happy Saturday evening everyone!

On the internet, trolls are people who say something on a website in order to get others involved in discussion, or rather, interminable argument.

I'm proud to have caught my second ever troll, by posting an item about why GMOs are not compatible with organic agriculture.

If I understand my husband's explanation, trolls troll. They have computer software applications set to do a daily sweep of the internet to look for key words. If key words pop up a troll checks the article and then posts something in opposition, often according to parameters set down by whichever large corporation is paying the bills for the particular troll.

Well, here I am - Ms loves-to-get-her-research-correct-and-always-adds-footnotes - and I'm not going to follow up the one comment I got on the article.

For once in my life I'm going to say "don't confuse me - with your facts - my mind is made up".

And it is. Flat out. Genetic engineering of seed does not belong in organic agriculture. No organic agriculture group agrees with it. I've read for years on many aspects of the topic and I choose to spend my time - without arguing or defending - on methods of gardening and agriculture that I know will not harm the soil, critters, me, my community, or the Earth.

I'm choosing to spend my time on the good side. And wow, there are some wonderful people on this side!

And while I'm at it, Yes, Monsanto is EVIL. All capital letters, all the time.

Love and best wishes,

Why's Woman

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You are totally wrong!