Thursday, September 26, 2013

Natural Dyeing at Goodlines Decor

Good morning!

I hope this note finds you all well.

Yes, I'm still around.

Been over-busy helping get a friend ready for her hip-replacement surgery and in its follow-up.  It went well and she's in physio ... 85 and rarin' to go at her usual pace! .. plus, she'll be staying at our home for some weeks. I am so grateful to the health care people involved.  And so astounded at seeing my friend without pain and developing an even, strong gait.

I know there are all sorts of on-line items about dyeing fabrics, however, I just wanted to point out a short, positive, eco-friendly item on the Goodlines Decor website (which you should look at anyway because there are nice things, locally made there!)

I really appreciate the care for the environment that goes into the work done by Lois, of Goodlines.  She has even figured out natural dyes and those where the water/dye bath used can be disposed of in soil (in the fall) so that they biodegrade in the best way.  That is so neat, and I'd never made the connection between natural dyes and being able to send the water outside!  So thanks!

I'm starting to try to maybe catch up with the emails and things to do I've been setting aside in the last 6 weeks.

Thanks for you understanding and very best regards!

Why's Woman