Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We Save the World Together in Our Spare Time

Good morning everyone,

I hope this post finds you well ... certainly not under the influence of a miserable summer cold like the one I've had for over a week.

I've been in an exercise of choosing priorities.  Gardening when I'm able, first and foremost.  Then the step-by-step work of getting the word out about the Gardeners Beware 2014 report mentioned in my last post.

For the gardening, I've gotten help from the over 6cm (2 inches) of rainfall we've had over the last couple of days.  I swear that if I watched out the kitchen window for an hour I'd see the cucumber vines grow!

For the Gardeners Beware 2014 report, I've discovered that I'm one of a network of people across Canada and the United States who have been involved in saving the world for the long haul.

I'm putting down just the names I know ... I'm sure there are others involved in the groups helping these people!

The people at Friends of the Earth Canada include Beatrice Olivastri (director), and Micaela Buchnea-Chew, Karen Cartier, Maria Leung
People involved at Friends of the Earth U.S. are Lisa Archer, and Tiffany Finck-Haynes.
Pesticide Research Institute out of the U.S. are Timothy Brown, Ph.D., Susan Kegley, Ph.D.
 (Lisa, Tiffany, Timothy, Susan and Beatrice wrote the report)

Across the U.S. and Canada, the people who purchased plants for testing are involved with established local environment groups and projects.
Janet Kilby, Bee Safe Neighborhoods
Lisa Arkin, Beyond Toxics
Tracey Easthope and Melissa Sargent, Ecology Center
Heather Leibowitz, Environment New York
Luke Metzger, Environment Texas
Bill Hamilton, Environmental Youth Council
Heather Spalding, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Michael Goehring, Friends of the Earth Canada
Maureen Temme, Community Gardens London (Canada)
Arlyle Waring, Friends of the Earth Canada
Roger Williams, Maryland Pesticide Network
Lex Horan and Paul Towers, Pesticide Action Network

Lynne Walter, Toxic Free North Carolina
Mindy Goldstein, Turner Environmental Law Clinic
Megan Stokes, Toxics Action Center
Timothy Brown, Pesticide Research Institute
Susan Kegley, Ph.D., Pesticide Research Institute

People reviewed the Gardeners Beware 2014 report too.  Just like for a journal published article.
Prof. Jim Frazier, Ph.D., and Maryann Frazier, Sr. Extension Associate, Pennsylvania State Univ.
Prof. Vera Krischik, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Scott Hoffman Black, Jennifer Hopwood and Aimee Code, Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation
Pierre Mineau, Ph.D., Pierre Mineau Consulting

I've never participated in anything like this.  We've been on a few conference calls, and that makes all these people real.  It's awesome, in the correct meaning of the word.

Thanks to all of these people.

And thanks and best regards to all of you who read this.  I know you are saving the world in your spare time too.

Why's Woman