Monday, November 12, 2012

Sustainable Food Systems Report

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well.  We're past the time change, and I hope your cats and dogs are just about adjusted to the new dinner times!

I've just been reading the Local Food Systems report, commissioned by the London Training Centre, here in London, Ontario.  Authors Roxanna Roshon, Tom Schell, and Angelica Nef have done an awesome job of bringing together a huge amount of information to do with the current and potential resources and ideas that can make our food systems more local and sustainable, and will provide jobs!

A browse of the Toolkit section is joyous!  Section after section of good examples!  Who is helping new farmers get started? What projects are using "alternative value transaction" models (barters and local currency) successfully? Where are there small abattoirs and local egg grading stations? Where are there community kitchens doing small batch preserving for local sales?  Check out the toolkit.  The individual sections online have active links to all the places.  And there's a long resource list at the end of all the places mentioned.

In this time of negative media, bad news reporting all the time, it's wonderful to read mention of project after project that are doing something good.  And feeding people!

As Pam Warhurst says in her Incredible Edible Todmorden TED talk "If you eat, you're in."  We all eat.  We all benefit from this report.  (see October 19 post)
The Local Food Systems report is printable, in sections, and can be reached at

I'm looking forward to hearing a presentation on the report at the London Community Foundation's local food conference this Friday.  There are going to be a lot of interesting presentations, and people there. I'll report back!

Just skip over to Community Gardens London for more info on that and on other events and news that has to do with shared gardens and urban agriculture.  CGL is linked into the Local Food Systems report under Community Gardens.  We are proud and grateful for this mention.

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