Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: good reason to be anxious

Hello everyone,

We're still having rain, but the tarp remained on the breakfast nook roof and no water got in as London, Ontario felt the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  We were really lucky to be on the outskirts of its effects.  Even places as close to London as Toronto and Wingham had far more rain and wind than we had. 

Actually, I spent three days in absolute anxiety prior to the storm touching the U.S. coast.  My husband suspects that the media/societal anxiety generated by days of news coverage and frequent conversations with people who only talked about the upcoming weather had more effect on me than the storm itself.  I am subject to what I'll call energy shifts.  Whatever meteorological energy was going on prior to and during the storm was, for me, stronger because of all the stressed people around.

A couple of my favorite authors are based in New York, in the heart of the flood zone, so I paid attention to Sandy's path.  During the last years, I've also seen computer generated climate models - those tidy animations with the building outlines and rising water levels.  The thing is, of course, these are based in reality of absolute disaster and mess.  I've got an apocalyptic imagination, and I'm a fan of Harry Harrison's book Make Room, Make Room! about a "future" New York (1999) of 40 million people, crammed in with limited access to food and water.  The movie Soylent Green was made from the book.  There are some differences in plot, but both are worth looking at. 

Oh yes, and there's a made for tv movie, Flood ( with David Suchet as deputy prime minister of England, having to make the decisions about what to do when the Thames River Barrier flood gates lock and the perfect storm of high tide and storm surge bear down on the estuary and London, England.  For all the made for t.v. drama, this sort of thing could be too easily real. 

This does leads into climate change and urban agriculture ... which is what I'd meant to write about when I sat down! 

But I have to run up and down stairs a bit.


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