Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Plaid Friday! Shop Local! Create creativity!

Good morning.  How are you today?

I just read about something that is fun and sensible and small scale: Plaid Friday.

With the Plaid Friday idea, local U.S. businesses are encouraged to develop their own innovative shop local campaigns to counter the the Black Friday shopper madness that happens in the U.S. the day after Thanksgiving.

Plaid Friday seems to have been thought up by Kerri, who lives in California.  Hurray Kerri!

Plaid Friday is a shopping day campaign that encourages local, independent, innovative businesses to promote themselves and encourages people to shop local and thereby support their own community.

Plaid Friday does apply here in Canada!  Have you been reading the news items that promote sales that will be happening at big retailers here on that U.S. Black Friday?  The big retailers say they are trying to keep business here in Canada.  The thing is, how many of those big retailers are U.S. based/owned?  I bet a lot of them are.

Please think about keeping some of your regular and Christmas shopping to a small scale, from local sellers, and of items that are made by people you might actually meet one day.  Encourage the handmade, the craft, the talent.

Yeah, I know I'm getting speachy!  Better quit here.

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Why's Woman

Oh!  As happens, I ran across this Plaid Friday idea on Jenna Woginrich's Cold Antler Farm site. Jenna recounts her full experience developing her small farm.  She's always worth a read.  Thanks Jenna!   

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