Saturday, May 7, 2011

Votes cast - the real numbers

Hello everyone,

Sorry, but I'm still fixed on the numbers from Monday's election.

According to Wednesday's Toronto Star, only 61.4% of eligible voters voted.

23,971,740 people were eligible to vote.

14,720,580 people voted.

9,257,160 people didn't vote.

Of the 14,720,580 who voted, 39.6% voted Conservative. That's 5,829,350 people.

That means that from those who voted, 61.4% voted other than Conservative.

But, if we take the 5,829,350 people who voted as a percentage of the total number of elilgible voters....

only 24.318% of people voted Conservative.

What? Oh .... sorry, was I shouting?

I may not be quite ready for blogging yet.

Best regards to all anyway.

Why's Woman

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