Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Congratulations Elizabeth May

Congratulations Elizabeth May!

Your hard work and breadth of thinking are always a good example to me. Your ability to bring together complicated ideas into something understandable helps me understand things.

You'll have to find a new balance between riding duties and Ottawa duties and being head of the Green Party of Canada. From hearing you speak, I know that you'll find your way to this, helped by your spiritual faith and by your Canadian and worldwide connections with people who are trying to save the world.

With the change in Canada's dominant government party structure, I need your good example right now. I hope you won't mind if I lean a bit on you while I work through being totally stunned, to developing my own new balance. I need to work on the spiritual part. I need to work on the connections part.

So ... giving my head its first shake ... all the Green supporters are still across Canada, and will continue working. And the NDP is official opposition party; I look upon that as a positive. I think there are probably people like myself all across Canada who will try to pay closer attention to federal politics than they have in the past.

And your book "How to Save the World in Your Spare Time" is moving from the shelf by my computer to my hand to be reread immediately ... so I can clarify what's to be done, and prepare for the victory party.

Thanks Elizabeth. Congratulations.

Best wishes,

Why's Woman

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