Sunday, May 8, 2011

I can change the world - so can you

Hello ... how are you all this late evening?

I have begun re-reading Elizabeth May's book How to Change the World in Your Spare Time. Her encouraging idea, right off the top, is that one person does have the ability to change the world. You may not have started out with a plan, but once you've changed the world you're likely to discover that there were some things you did.

From How to Save the World in Your Spare Time, Ch. 1 - Democracy 101

"There is really no mystery to 'fighting city hall.' ... organizing for change is about putting a case together, getting the word out, persuading the public that your cause has merit and finding ways to translate that public support into pressure on governments."

Elizabeth gives a personal anecdote, telling how her parents began the Connecticut Committee for a Sane Nuclear policy, and ended up working with American and international peace activists.

Her "Lessons Learned at My Mother's Knee"

1. My grandmother always said, "Thought without constructive action is demoralizing."

2. Your can accomplish anything you want if you don't care who gets the credit.

3. Thee is no one so famous or important that you cannot pick up the phone and talk to them. Even famous people need baths.

4. Media coverage is fickle.

5. Sometimes governments lie.

6. No one is powerless without their own permission.

7. Be polite.

8. Thank people for helping.

9 . Changing the world is only matter of time (if you have enough people on your side. Getting them on your side is what takes time!).

10. My mommy changed the world. So can I.

and now the internet goes off for the night, and so do I ... very best to all

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