Sunday, January 22, 2017

Beautiful Healthy Terrace Garden Has Big Effects


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My great interest is urban agriculture ... and I always follow stories on a Canadian website City Farmer.  City Farmer gathers articles from all over the world, and shows that there are many innovative, entrepreneurial, active, positive things happening world wide. Food is the way to bring people together!

I've just taken a look at the flourishing urban, vegetable garden tended by Anusuya Sharma, on her terrace in Bengaluru India.

She’s taken courses on vegetable gardening, and says that over twenty years ago she “learnt that terrace gardening could be a full-fledged way of cultivating crops for sustainable living. Since then, my passion for it only grew and I have never looked back”

She catches and uses rainwater, and recycles.  And says that “fresh chemical-free vegetables grown at home reduces my family’s carbon foot print, a core issue in global warming,”

It helps my heart to read about someone who understands her own and her home’s place in such bigger cycles.

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