Tuesday, January 31, 2017

From far and wide ... O Canada

Hello everyone,
I hope today finds you well. With something interesting happening to you today.  Something good.

It felt spontaneous, even tho’ someone must have started it.

Yesterday, about 300 people gathered at the London, Ontario mosque to tell its members and the Muslim community that we care about them and will never accept the hatred and prejudice that led to a murder of six men at a mosque in Québec City (with many other men wounded).

People spoke from the heart ... all clear about Canada as an inclusive place ... that our neighbourhood, our city, our country respects and needs everyone.

Someone began to sing O Canada, our national anthem.  And people joined in and sang out.  Me ... I couldn’t get my voice to work.  I mouthed the words.  I’ve never before really felt the emotion behind the words.  I felt it then. 

From far and wide ... O Canada.

Be well,

 Why's Woman

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