Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hayes Valley Farm of San Francisco

Hello!  How are you this evening?

I took some bread out of the oven half an hour ago.  A burst of accomplishment.  I'm really going to try to bake bread regularly.  We all like it so much better than anything we buy at the store.  And it smells so good!

Over on The City Farmer website ( I spotted a clip from a documentary that is being made, titled Promises of Urban Agriculture.

The clip features the Hayes Valley Farm  of San Francisco, which Jay Rosenberg (who may be its coordinator) describes as a community centre that just happens to produce food.  He and the Hayes Valley gardeners realize that the space is temporary. But it has given use to land that would otherwise sit idle, provides a community centre and teaching space, and - when they have to move from the space - there'll be the biggest "fire sale" ever seen as they move stuff. He says it'll be like fireworks going off and spreading gardens to all sorts of other locations.  And that seeding of other spaces is what will make the whole thing sustainable.

Rosenberg's is such a positive attitude, and really gets one thinking.

I'll look forward to seeing the full documentary by Joseph Redwood-Martinez when it's finished and out in 2014!  I hope you'll take 8 minutes to check the Facebook page for Promises of Urban Agriculture:

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