Thursday, February 21, 2013

White Dogs in the Snow

Good morning everyone,

It is really cold out! And all the slush froze under the snow that came down a day or two ago, so yesterday's trek across the park to a friend's house was quite the adventure!

The sweet part of this walk was meeting a woman with two children and three small, white dogs.  When I'd first spotted the troupe I couldn't figure it out, because the snow around the woman was moving!  Then I realized the racing snow was dogs on leashes ... it's just that they blended in so well!  These guys were small, and my imagination had them racing off leash and disappearing into the distance as the snow they were churning so happily settled back on them.

Have you ever noticed how dogs almost always love snow?  Even the fancy little guys with bows and the whippets who shiver naturally ... all enjoy dashing, diving and digging ... creating their personal snow storms.

Just a quick observation.

Hope you are well and seeing something everyday that brings a smile.

Best regards,

Why's Woman

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