Saturday, April 7, 2012

Preparing for the future ... what do you think?

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It's been a couple of busy weeks ... with a lot of things unfinished, so my mind hasn't been clear ... the general state of me, and many. Jenna Woginrich's April 6/12 post on her blog Cold Antler Farm ( caught my attention ... I check in every other day to see how she's doing. She'd written a post about technology, and I guess people were asking her what she saw as the future. I've posted part of her reply below, because it speaks to uncertainty and the wisdom of preparedness ... especially in regards to food. My own fear is that change will be harsh, in which case preparedness is still important and preparation may be even more important (back to Transition movement).

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Here's Jenna Woginrich:

"What do I think? Well, I'm walking a thin line. I don't think we're going to see the world change quickly and harshly, like some do. But I do think rising gas prices and a shifty economy will make our future far more local and less energy dependant. I would be lying if I said my interest in equine transportation, food storage, clean water, backyard chickens, seed safes, etc was about prepping for the end of the world. I just like this lifestyle. It makes me feel safe and useful. I am not creating a fort against the Zombie Hordes.

"I do think our current lifestyle will go from being cheap and normal to very expensive and abnormal, and in the next few years. It is foolish to think otherwise. I don't think we'll run out of oil or electricity, but I do think if we don't make strides towards more energy independence we are looking at serious trouble. (And I don't mean as a nation, I mean as individuals.)

"The best protection against rising food and gas prices is a safe source of food at home, and a strong community ready for anything. I am for every American learning to use less energy in their homes, driving less in their cars, and producing a substantial amount of food at home. I'm for it not because I'm afraid of the future, but because it seems sensible. I want pantries and larders to be as normal again as walk-in closets. (Come to think of it, walk in closets can hold a lot of food!) I want my readers to have enough set by that if anything scary ever did happen: from ice storms that take down the grid over night to $9-a-gallon gas price spikes: you are all okay. I think expecting everything you need to be at a store and an outside source to home to your rescue is both irresponsible and dangerous. I don't think this is about fear, but about sense. "
The italicized text is by Jenna Woginrich, Cold Antler Farm blog
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