Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Meeting the future

Hello everyone,

This past weekend I attended two days of training to become a more innovative advocate for the Transition movement.  Transition has to do with preparing for a future when we will be required to use less fossil fuel (because it is decreasing), meet the varied challenges of climate change and economic shift.  The Transition movement looks to have us learn to do with less, be more able to do for ourselves - become more "resilient" - and prepare for change from a positive direction.  After all, it's got to be better to go into a situation with eyes open, and with a positive mindset, than to wait for crisis.  Remember that line from the movie Strictly Ballroom:  "a live lived in fear is a life half lived."  Holding back from fear usually does seem to mean holding back from life.

There were 14 people there, 9 were people I met for the first time.  It's amazing how quickly one becomes comfortable with people when you are laughing together, eating together, thinking together, and taking time to listen to each others stories.

Stories are important.

And there's sure nothing new in that statement!  How old are the cave paintings that tell stories?  The paintings on temple walls that tell stories?

I'm still thinking about how to tell some of the stories from the weekend.

Best regards to all,

Why's Woman

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