Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's possibility

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! I wish all of you a healthy, happy year ahead.

My year has already started off well ... surprising, delightful, almost unbelievable ...

Five or six years ago, my husband, Chris, lost his wedding band. He'd been coming home on a cold evening. It was winter, so it was dark. For some weeks as the weather'd gotten colder he'd noted that his wedding band was loose as his hands cooled and shrank a bit. One particular evening he went to step out on the road and an inattentive driver zoomed by, almost hitting him. In the jump back that saved his life, his left arm and hand flung out and he felt the ring fly off. He looked around on the sidewalk and roadway, went back the next day in the light ... didn't find the ring. We decided that the ring by some magic had sacrificed itself for him. He had been convinced that the car should have hit him, and I recall his shaky state when he came home that evening. He'd had a closer call than anyone ever wants to have.

Well, today the wedding band turned up in the corner of a storage drawer in the basement. It's the same band ... the maker's mark is the same as the new one we had made, it is the width of the original, it's got the scratchmarks it had accumulated.

The wedding band would never would have been in this storage drawer. It's a long unused storage drawer. Chris had been wearing the band that night years ago.

And it's back.

Maybe it was lonely out on the roadway, or down a sewer, or nestled in grass all these years. Maybe like the sword of Gryffindor it knew who to come back to and knew we needed a positive symbol just now. So here it came back, New Year's Day 2012.

I'm sticking with this explanation, and taking this little magic forward into the year.

Best regards to all of you.

Why's Woman

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