Sunday, October 9, 2011

Southwestern Ontario Food blog is really interesting!

Hello everyone,

I love the internet for its connections and synchronicities.

All I did was try to find out a bit about the Crunican apple orchard and store, ten minutes north of London, and the first thing I came to was a blog titled Southwestern Ontario Foodie

which is written by a woman who goes to all sorts of interesting places and eats and finds out how food is grown or prepared or celebrated. She visited the Kernal Peanut butter place in Vittoria, Ontario recently ... and coincidentally ... since I bought peanut butter from there less than two weeks ago.

Scroll down Dallas' site to find out about some recent garlicky food events in Stratford - my home town that I visit far too seldom.

I've bookmarked the site.

Best wishes to you all,

Why's Woman

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