Monday, February 14, 2011

Community Gardens London is on line!

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Here in London Ontario there are many people who love to garden. I've got a particular interest in vegetables, with everything else a close second vying for first. Pick me! Pick me!

There's been a need to have a way for people and organizations to keep in touch with each other and - with humility and the knowledge that we have to keep the website up to date and listen to people and do work - Community Gardens London is stepping up to help with this.

I hope you'll take a look at:

I'm not sure why the link isn't live, but will figure this out and fix it later.

Shared and community gardens can be as simple as two neighbours growing veggies in a contiguous front yard sunny spot. They might be a 40 plot garden within a city park. They might be 10 small raised beds at a seniors' centre. Every one of them contributes to the bigger pictures of 'food security' and 'urban agriculture' ... and simply gives people healthy, local food and an 'I did this' satisfaction.

And organic. You do know I'm talking about no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, right?

I love a term used by the people at Terra Edibles seeds: SANER = Sustainable, All Natural and Environmentally Responsible.

Before I go on and on and on ... gotta leave for work! Hope every one of you has a fine day, with your own Valentine or being your own Valentine.

Big hug from me!

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