Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stupidity again - Kingston and other prison farms close

Good morning,

I've been following the stories about the Feds closure of farms run by Canadian prisons/inmates.

The good thing is that hundreds of people apparently came out to protest at the gates of Kingston's prison, telling officials and the country that it is a mistake to shut down the farm and auction off the cattle.

The sad thing is that the cattle will be auctioned off today.

My hopes are:
- that the cattle will all be purchased by small farm operators who will have them in well-managed herds and that future breeding will result in healthy, well-treated and productive dairy cows
- that people arrested at the protests get a lot of press when they have their day in court

The great crimes are: the shortsightedness and narrow ideology of the Harper government ... and, likely and sadly, the forgetfulness and disinterests of Canadians when elections roll around.

Why aren't more people voting?

The current government probably doesn't want a system of everyone being required to vote because they'd be out. Neither are we likely to get soon a system so that there is more representative voting.

I'm going to have to go looking for a positive story today. It won't just come along.

Best regards, Why's Woman

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