Sunday, August 29, 2010

One nice guy does a lot of good

August 29/10

Good morning,

Jim Kogelheide is a really nice guy. Back in May he had a terrific idea: find a way to bring together people who wanted to pick blueberries and give them free transportation so they could pick and stock up. And he did it! His employer, Murphy Bus Line, of London, loaned him a bus and people from the Glen Cairn area went out and picked blueberries. Jim did all the arrangements for this outing himself. Like every project taken on, I bet it took more time than expected, and - although I don't know him well - I'm sure he did the work with a smile. And while he understands the complicated environmental and community issues it ties into ... he doesn't get bogged down - he goes for the fun and the good.

I just wanted to say "Hurray Jim!".

If you want to see the pictures of smiles and blueberries, go to:

Best wishes to all,

Why's Woman

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