Saturday, November 14, 2009

Good books to keep us going

There is a lot of information in the media about environment issues, including global warming. Most of us don’t listen to everything about global warming and the political lead-up to ‘Copenhagen’ - where nations will get together to try and agree on limitations to greenhouse gases. We might not know the latest innovations in high and low- tech solutions to environmental problems.

But most people around the world do know there are things wrong with the environment. They know there is too much pollution and that it affecting our health. They know that ‘the weather’ is wrong. They know that some people have too much and many people have too little.

A lot of news we hear is unsettling; other news is depressing and frightening. There's a huge amount of finger-pointing and a lot of people and countries saying 'the other guy should do' this, that or the other thing ... and do it first because the other guy has made more mess.

Well, I think we've all made messes and we all need to pitch in and clear them up.

The good thing is that there are already many individuals and organizations all over the world working to make a transition between serious environmental problems and a better world.

People need to know that they - people around the world - are their own greatest resource. And I want to note here some of the books I appreciate for keeping me on track. It gives me a lift just knowing that the authors have put their lives to the work they do, and even wrote it down for me and everyone else to read.

This Organic Life. Joan Dye Gussow
Small Wonder. Barbara Kingsolver
Right Relationship: building a whole earth economy. Peter Brown and Geoffrey Garver
World as Lover, World as Self. Joanna Macy
Blessed Unrest. Paul Hawken
Muriel Duckworth, a very active pacifist. Marian Kerans

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