Thursday, March 30, 2017

High School Journalists Publish Real News

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I hope this note finds you well, and that you've found some inspiration in others' actions recently, as I have.  Keeping in mind that many people in all places are working on practical, useful, and helpful projects is a great boost to me. 

A recent item on the Village Voice, a long-running news source in New York, wrote about the work of  high school journalists writing for the Classic, at Townsend Harris High School in Flushing, New York.  (New York is D. Trump's state, so the story was particularly inspiring).

The students were reporting information about their interim high school principal, including allegations that at her former school she had “berated individual teachers [and] ignored students with disabilities”, and had mishandled an Islamiphobic incident at your Townsend Harris HS.

The school district is looking for a permanent principal at THHS, so reporters stationed themselves to interview candidates.

As the Village Voice article (link below) reported, “According to a letter written by State Assembly Members David Weprin and Nily Rozic, at a recent District Leadership meeting a [Department of Education] representative called the Classic ‘fake news’ while defending” the current interim principal.

The student journalists' response is to become even better journalists, to find out information, and publish.

Townsend Harris is a top-ranking high school, and its students come from many different backgrounds.   

Thank you student journalists at Townsend Harris High!  Your work - your efforts to report truth - is traveling far beyond your age group and your state.  And reading about your work sure helped my day!

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Why's Woman

For full article: Village Voice, March 21/2017

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