Thursday, October 30, 2014

If we want to make climate action happen we need to hear about the solutions


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I'd like to say thanks to the Guardian News online ( for its environment pages.  There's always something new and interesting.  And altho' there is all the serious stuff, there are often galleries of fascinating photos and sometimes articles like the one I just ran across: If we want to make climate action happen we need to hear about the solutions.  (Mal Chadwick, Guardian News online,, Wednesday 29 October, 2014)

The article tells us that "the biggest threat to progress on climate change is cynicism" ... certainly not a new idea.

What was a pleasant and hopeful surprise was hearing about the 10:10’s #itshappening project's "brighter view to ‘restore a sense of possibility’ on climate action, showcasing real solutions such as this giant suspended bike roundabout."

I don't understand what this even is, but is sort of sounds like fun ... as well as a practical thing that makes bicycling easier.

The 10:10 project also highlights Dutch-style bike lanes planned for Los Angeles, solar-powered hospitals in Haiti and Nepal, a state of the art lifeboat station in Cornwall England that keeps lifeguards warm with the UK’s first marine source heat pump, community-owned river turbines in the Philippines, and an Aberdeenshire hair-dressing salon that reduced its energy use by 90% in its go-green efforts.

The 10:10 project describes its gallery as a simple "selection of things we wish more people knew about – a trove of inspirational stories that team 10:10 find during the year and squirrel away for autumn ... there for people to share, to start conversations with friends and for when you need a reminder of what humanity is capable of."

The 10:10’s #itshappening project is found at and will brighten your day.

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