Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Symphony of the Soil

Hello everyone!

Yes, It's been a while!  I hope you are all well and busy with gardens and life.

That's why you haven't heard from me in a while.  Not that I mind the busy with the gardens part.  We've been making piles of branches, debris and leaves around the place ... sort of mini Hugelkulture* piles ... at intervals along a hill, regenerating some soil and height in preparation for terracing over the next few years.  Our neighbours must think we are nuts.  Last fall, they bagged up their fallen leaves and we dragged them home to the yard (about 100 bags and we realize we could have used 200).

Last evening we went to see the most marvellous film: Symphony of the Soil by Deborah Koons Garcia.  (http://www.symphonyofthesoil.com/)

It's a beautifully crafted web of plant and soil science, amazing photography from microscopic to vistas of wonderful plants, interviews with so many great gardeners and soil lovers one can't keep track, the most amazing watercolour animation, and - most important - some hope for soil, the planet and ourselves.

My husband and I sat in the library auditorium, holding hands, mumbling to each other things like "I've heard her talk before" and "that idea was in a book I read thirty years ago" and "it's about time they're realizing that's how to do things".   For us, it was a superior "date night".

Rodale experimental farm figured in the film, and see my note below to get a report** Rodale just came out with to do with carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture. 

Has U.S. President Obama mentioned this report in whatever his statement was today on climate change?  (haven't read that yet ... there's too much to read most days!)

This post is a bit short on order and lyricism, I know! But ... well, I got it posted! 

Very best regards!

Why's Woman


* hugelkulture - check the entry at http://www.communitygardenslondon.ca/gardensolutions.html and then follow thge links to a great page full of "how to"

** Rodale report: Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Climate Change.  For the press release and a link to the report: http://rodaleinstitute.org/reversing-climate-change-achievable-by-farming-organically/

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