Sunday, February 23, 2014

Canada has more libraries than there are McDonalds

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I hope you've had a pleasant weekend ... maybe enjoyed sunshine ... which I sure did today.  There's still a lot of ice on the sidewalks, but the sky was blue the whole time I walked downtown.

Just a bit of trivia ... from the Yes! magazine site, where I flipped to because I really wanted a bit of positive news and that journal always has some.

There are more library branches in Canada than there are McDonalds.

2996 public library branches in 595 library boards and only 1400 McDonalds.

Admittedly, there are 3000 Tim Hortons locations, but I won't get grumpy about that because I depend on Tim for coffee and writing space when I'm out.  And, that's really close.  I mean, a few Tims could close at a franchise's notice.  Libraries last.

Thanks to Yes!Magazine's latest issue for the idea to look up the number of libraries in Canada. It's article about 24 things we should know tells us that there are more libraries than McDonald's outlets in the United States. (17,000:14,000).  Hurray for that too!

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