Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How do we organize and really do something about climate change ... or anything?

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well.

I'm feeling bewildered.

Last evening I attended a talk about climate change by someone who really knows the issues and that our whole world is in a mess.  This talk was in a library auditorium, that must seat at least 300 people, and probably more.

All those people came out in minus15 degree celcius weather, so they must really have wanted to hear the speaker.

And he gave a lot of information - serious, accurate information - as to just how little time we have to adapt to climate change (not stop or avert, adapt to).  He did say at the end of his talk, in answer to a question, that people have to organize and join with others to get changes to government/policy/action that will lower CO2 emissions and begin any remediating actions.

And then the organizers said that we had three minutes to clear the hall and everyone hustled out.


There were that many concerned people in the room and the organizers weren't thinking wholistically enough to take seriously the subject at hand and have a format that gave opportunity for some organizing and action?


I am bewildered.  Angry.  Boggled.  Frustrated.  Angry. 

And sad.  Really, really sad.

Best regards,

Why's Woman

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