Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bill McKibben on Global Warming and some notes on summer drought

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I just looked at this great 12 minute video of Bill McKibben talking about global warming - and making some great come-backs to some absolutely standard climate denial comments.  He's on a U.S. tv show - Bill Mayer - which I guess is watched by a lot of people, but I don't have cable.

On the video, McKibben mentions that temperatures for the last 329 months in a row worldwide have been higher than the averages of the previous century.  We in London and Southwestern Ontario had high temperatures and drought for most of the summer.  Drought had detrimental effects on some crops, and that followed the weird weather switch we had earlier in the year ... the too high temperatures in March followed by April normals with freezing, that knocked out 80% of Ontario's apple crop, and probably equally high percentages of pears and some other fruit. 

Did I say that we had only one pear on our tree this year?  Don't know how it escaped the frost! .And no apples.  I struggled with watering in the vegetable beds, even though I've got good soil and mulch and do watering at ground level, and interplant so plants fill in space to shade the soil and prevent evaporation.  I did so much thinking about where water was going to this summer!  If I watered in one of the vegetable beds, so that water went down 6-8 inches for roots ... how much of it was migrating out into the paths between the beds?  There's pure science at work in the soil.  Areas that need water take it.  Should I begin experimenting with raised beds that have a less permeable bottom - creating healthy, living soil in the beds ... but a closed system to retain the water.  And on the occasions that it did rain I watched the rain wash down the asphalt roads and parking areas that are nearby.  It makes me crazy!  But, I've mentioned that before.

Back to Bill McKibben.  He has some good books out and is founder of 350.org (www.350.org)which is a good source for information about global warming and has information about projects around the world that are bringing attention to global warming's immediacy. Check it out. http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_26444.cfm

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