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Glad she's not here to know about Global Warming

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My Mother, Grace Georgina Casson Temme, died on July 8, 1999.  She had turned 80 on June 30. 

She always hated hot weather.  She was never a sunbather when she was a young and curvy 20 year old in 1939; we have a photo and her towel is in the shade of a tree.  Our old house was a solid 1904 structure, built with thick walls.  When we had a heat wave (which used to be cooler than the heat waves of today!) she'd take a book down to the basement where it was cool.

She was a news follower, and she loved the nature specials, loved shows about animals. She wrote a note about the day's weather every day on the calendar.  I wish like crazy that I had kept the last year or two of her calendars.

When the weather is really hot like it's been the last week, I'm so grateful that she died quickly from a stroke.  1999 was before the news got out to general media about global warming, climate change and all the scenarios of climate refugees, animal habitat destruction, honeybee decline, agricultural depletion that go along with climate change.

Had Mum gone on, she'd have worried herself to death.  She was always a worrier ... and I realize I have to change the word worry to "care".  My mother was someone who cared about what she saw around her.  She was also a cynic in regards to the motivations of politicians and big companies.  She even sometimes wrote letters about things she didn't like, to companies with faulty products, or to a government minister when something really dumb was in the news.

I'm glad Mum didn't have to care herself to death because of the damage we've done to the environment.  And I really thank her for the genes of caring and cynicism.

Don't believe the people who - for reasons of corporate/political payoff (or fear and denial to be kinder, which is still a problem) - tell you that there's no such thing as global warming or climate change. We will be having more weather anomalies and hot weather days in future.

Believe that overly hot weather harms people, particularly people with pre-existing health problems.  Heat is a stressor on all aspects of our bodies.

Get involved with something to save the world in your own spare time.

Oh, and here are the temperature highs leading up to the date Grace Georgina Casson Temme died.  Obviously, she toughed it out through the hottest weather and so was able to go out thumbing her nose at the temperatures:

June 30, 1999   20.4 degrees centigrade
July 1                25.3
July 2                27.5
July 3                29.6
July 4                32.8
July 5                32.7
July 6                28.1
July 7,               27.6
July 8, 1999      22.9

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