Monday, June 25, 2012

Another critter surprise!

Good morning,

Hope you are all well.

Last evening Chris came in and said to me that all the fireflies in the neighbourhood were in our yard, and we should go watch them.

So we did.  We stood on the steps, arms around each other, enjoying the darkness and the winking of firefly lights from nearby purple coneflowers and Melissa mint to the swamp milkweed and hyssop that are just starting to bloom in pink and blue, to the shrubs and trees.  Dozens of fireflies, and somehow brighter than usual.  Maybe it's something in the diet.

We were talking quietly, about texture and height and how everything looks different in the dark - softer.

And then I glanced downward to see a teenaged skunk gazing up at us.  Pretty little skunk.  Curious face in our direction.  Tail up ... thankfully in the other direction.

We probably looked like a comedy sketch.  Moving very slowly, one foot onto a step, the other foot, another step up to the landing, last foot and then right into the house.  Laughing away.  Skunk!

Probably the last thing we said to each other, even after "goodnight".  "There was a skunk!"  Still laughing.

Best regards to all!

Why's Woman

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