Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wonderful animation by Nicole Hewat

Hello everyone,

I was just casting around to check out what is happening with the innovative urban agriculture CSA, Backyard Bounty, in urban Guelph Ontario. http://www.backyardbounty.ca/

And before I even checked out the main website, my attention was caught by a great art project: an animation by artist Nicole Hewat. She was given pictures of Backyard Bounty's vegetables and gardens. Then she painted on about 300 plates of glass - she must have used the cell animation technique of adding aspect upon aspect to an image to create movement - and photographed them in turn to capture the movement. Peter J. Kovacs assisted with technical work, and added music by Luke Michielsen.

It's really fun, and beautiful!


Sorry I'm not smart enough to import the YouTube video directly, but just click the link! I bet you'll watch it twice. It's bloomin' lovely!

Best regards as always,

Why's Woman

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