Thursday, June 30, 2011

EcoVox tv and me

Hello everyone,

I hope many of you have some time off this Canada Day weekend coming. And if you don't, thanks for doing whatever job you have to do.

This morning I did something I've never done before: I was interviewed for a local television show - EcoVox. Voice of environment. Sounds good doesn't it? Maryanne MacDonald, founder of Waste Free World in London and a strong driver in the greening of London's many festivals, was asked to work with Rogers Cable tv on a 13-part environment series. They've already done several shows, and will be working a breakneck pace to wrap the shows by the end of July.

The show's producer, Christine, and Maryanne came to my gardens today. Maryanne asked me questions about why gardens and saving seeds are important, and asked me about London's food charter. I had to remember to not look at the camera! The cool thing was that I got to talk about things that are important to me ... and then I got to drag them around the garden and show them plants! I love to show people plants. As far as seed saving goes. I've got parsley growing a treat; it wintered over from last year and has a lot harvestable foliage as well as stems projecting upward that are just now at the bud stage. Loads of spinach and kale wintered over and is into the seed or pod stage. There are redemption Chinese cabbages ... two kinds, that will produce seed. Beans are climbing their poles, tomatoes are finally putting on growth, beets are just sprouting ... lots of things are happening. Plus, Chris had just trimmed back some paths so it was possible to get 'round the place. Altogether, it was the perfect morning for someone to walk through the garden.

Lest I get too carried away with a plant list, let me mention that earlier in the morning Christine and Maryanne had been visting a Community Supported Agriculture organic farm, and next on their appointment list were several organic farmers who were at the Covent Garden market. I think these will be blended with my bit to talk about the ways in which local and diverse agriculture is important for individual eaters and the local economy. I'm looking forward to seeing the show.

Food is the talked about issue everywhere it seems.

I think I'll add a bit to this post later ... I'm being called for dinner.

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Why's Woman

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