Sunday, October 17, 2010

Community Garden open house & compost

Hi guys, I'm back on ...

Blackfriar's Community Garden showed off today, with garden talks and displays and lots and lots of talking. A city rep came and talked about composting on a larger than usual backyard scale. Greg S. took us through the basics of green and brown and layering and what not to put in the compost ... and kept plugging even when people in the audience threw out a 'yes, but what about?' sort of question for everything he said. He had - literally - a lot to show us, because his 'props' included the oversize composting containment units used at this demonstration site. Pallets have been used to section off bins that are almost the size of horse stalls (maybe sheep stalls?) - so there was a growing mountain of leaves, a beautiful pile of finished compost, a mound of half finished, and a pile in progress that had a heap of recent garden leavings on the top. Active gardener Robyn H. heaved shovels full of soil atop the one heap and then a couple large buckets of water to show how to not be afraid to tackle a really big compost. As a matter of fact, Robyn was the instigator behind the composting zone, and today's open house. It was great, and Robyn, you've 'done good' on this day. Including ordering up beautiful sunshine. I met a fellow who's left his job in computers and is spending times on various organic farms, in preparation of having his own small organic farm. I truly wish that his plan - his dream - comes true. Had another conversation with a fellow who said that opportunity knocks on the door of people who are prepared to answer. I think I'm paraphrasing, but I really liked the idea. I'd taken a load of books down ... ended up not looking in any of them for answers to garden questions; their titles were simply conversation starters - about beekeeping in London, Barbara Kingsolver, Elliot Coleman's 4 season harvest ideas, Rodale press ... gardening. A good day.

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