Friday, April 2, 2010

So many gardens I'm dizzy and urban chickens

Last weekend I met Ron Berezan, a really neat guy who operates The Urban Farmer, an organic gardening, edible landscaping and permaculture design business in Edmonton. (

He happened to be on a speaking tour in Southwestern Ontario and was going to stay overnight in London. I got an invitation to come over and just talk. So I went with Diane, who is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in regards to local environment issues and how they relate to other regions and levels of government ...

... and, along with Phillip Penna of the Ontario Environment network, we talked about gardens and farming, and urban chickens and local food production, and permaculture, and ... did I say gardening?

... and after about an hour and a half several others arrived and we kept right on talking about urban agriculture and feeding people and municipal bylaws and gardening.

It was terrific! It was wonderful! It was totally mind-boggling. Thanks Ron, and Phil and Diane.

And yesterday's mail brought me my quarterly edition of the Canadian Organic Grower and there's a wonderful article written by Rob Berezan, titled On a Wing and a Prayer: the urban chicken-keeping movement takes flight. It's a well-written, useful overview of what's happening in Canada in regards to this, with a wonderful resource list, which I'll put below and check with Ron to make sure it's o.k. to do so. But he gets full credit for putting this list together.

The Canadian Organic Grower is the newsletter of The Canadian Organic Growers organization, website It puts out a terrific e-news every month, has a useful website on topics organic and ... well, check it out. And you don't have to be a farmer to be a member. The journal may be in your public library. If not, suggest it.

Best regards to all and, if you are celebrating Passover or Easter, some happy times with family and friends.

Why's Woman

Here's the list of resources from Ron Berezan, who's with River City Chickens

Urban chicken activists on-line
CLUCK (Calgary:):
River City Chickens (Edmonton):
Chickens in Vancouver:
SBCS (Saskatoon):
Backyard Chickens in Toronto:
Waterloo Hen Association:
Halifax Chickens:


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