Friday, February 12, 2010

Ask me about gardens and growing

Over the last few days, there's been a lot of publicity about a man of significant military rank who has been accused of murdering two women (and other charges). At the store where I work at least half a dozen people have commented on the case. When I say I don't follow the case each person has spent time updating me and/or passing opinion and speculating.

It may seem odd that I don't care about the case, because customers at the bookstore where I work know that I'm a mystery fan. But I like mysteries because in a story the person who does evil is found out within a reasonable amount of time without years of media speculation.

Plus, I'd rather fill my mind with the ideas generated by the over 60 people who attended a meeting last evening to discuss the '100 mile diet'. This led to questions of why there is so little locally produced food on our store shelves, how we can connect with people who produce food locally, how to influence stores locally and nationally, international food production, and ... well, all sorts of topics.

It may be that several people got together after this meeting (or there will be another meeting) and they will do some purchasing together. There was certainly an exchange of information over in one corner about a community supported agriculture (CSA) operation. I met two women who are with the London Food Co-op (celebrating its 40th birthday this year!). A farmer was there from Norwich area, telling us that if we talk to real farmers we can find out what is available. There was talk about community gardens and how they are only going to increase, and talk about a food charter for our city.

I'm even going to a meeting this morning about that food charter. I know a bit about home gardening, and maybe I can make a contribution. The line up of people is a bit intimidating. But, I'm gathering a few notes I made and hope to be ready to speak up and ask some questions.

How can the people who are the most 'food insecure' (yes, that's the term that gets used instead of hungry or poor) participate in growing their own food and helping it get to others who need food?

And most important: how can I help?

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